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I am currently the Senior Designer / Head of Mobile for Behance at Adobe. I speak frequently at conferences such as the Web 2.0 Summit, Adobe Max and SXSW. I've been a beta tester for almost every Adobe product for over a decade and have won a One Show RX Award, a Narm Business Innovation Award, a Webby and several site of the day awards. In the past I've taught at Parsons School of Design and have worked for Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Anderson Ranch Arts Center and the photographer Lynn Goldsmith.

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Eric is exactly what the music industry needs; an intelligent, forward thinking innovator. He possess the perfect blend of technical skill, product vision and creative passion to change the game. His ability to listen AND understand an alternate perspective is truly a rarity at the often solipsistic major label level. Eric is the reason other New Media teams are now following Atlantic in 2008. I will work with Eric for years to come.

Ryan Troy - Director Business Development, imeem

Eric is a fantastic creative mind. Left brained and right brained. Concepts, designs and codes brilliantly. Lets put it this way: if the world ends tomorrow unless I can find 1 person to design/build the perfect Web site, Eric's the one I call.

Bryan Gaffin - Vice President Group Creative Director, Grey Direct

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