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Adobe and the Apple Watch Launch

This week we launched three updates to our apps in conjunction with the new Apple Watch. Adobe Color, Behance and the Creative Cloud app now support the Watch with new extensions for discovery and keeping up to date on your creative activity. […]


Announcing Adobe Comp for iPad

Last week we launched a new Adobe mobile app, Adobe Comp CC. While the app itself is a deciptively simple looking design tool, it was a massive collaboration to hide it’s power and complexity. The mobile team at Adobe worked with deigner Khoi Vinh to bring his dream for[…]


Behance featured in the Google Play Store

A big week for the Behance Android app – we were featured in the Google Play store. Incredible work by the entire Behance team and an exciting thing to see every time you open the store. If you haven’t checked the app out (and have an Android phone) now[…]


Adobe Galleries for Sketch, Line and Draw

At the end of last year we launched an amazing set of mobile creation apps, each with deep Behance integration including galleries of work created by our users. As of this week we now also have web based galleries so anyone can see the great work created by Sketch,[…]


Flew on 55 planes. Played a part in 11 mobile product launches at Adobe. Spoke in 3 keynotes. Attended TED. 2 islands in Hawaii. Moved from Brooklyn to SF. Started drawing and playing guitar again. Finally taking cooking seriously. Ready for 2015.


Behance participates in Android Wear Watch Faces launch

Yesterday we launched a set of Behance themed watch faces as part of the Android Wear Watch Faces launch. The standalone app has 5 different faces and dozens of backgrounds from our talented members on Behance. Select a face, select a background and create a custom look for your[…]


Adobe Photoshop Sketch featured in Apple’s Best Apps of 2014

Photoshop Sketch was featured in Apple’s Best Apps of 2014 in Italy and Poland. It’s a huge honor to be on this list and to be recognized by Apple. Check out the link here if you’re in one of these countries.


Judging Photo Hack Day 2014 at Aviary

This weekend was Photo Hack Day at the Aviary offices in NYC. It’s an event the team puts on a few times a year, bringing together designers and developers to build new apps on top of the Aviary APIs. On Saturday night I was part of a panel moderated[…]


Project Layup Sneak

At Max, Adobe has an annual presentation of “Sneaks” – unreleased technology from Adobe’s Labs. This year Khoi Vinh showed Project Layup, a new design app for the iPad he’s been collaborating with us on for the better part of a year.[…]


Adobe Mobile Apps Review on the BBC

After launching new versions of 8 of Adobe’s mobile apps at Max, a few members of the mobile team were interviewed by the BBC. It was a huge honor to be part of their piece on mobile creativity and it’s been pretty surreal seeing my face for the poster[…]

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