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    The path for most graphic designers starts in fine art. Growing up in a small midwestern town there was no clear path from “I can draw” to “I’m gainfully employed”, so mine started in chemistry. Luckily, perceptive parents and an art department that allowed me to do an impromptu portfolio review after an elective painting class put me on the right track.

    My admissions portfolio was made up of comic book illustrations where I cultivated a love of lines that carries through into my work today. I work predominately in acrylic and incorporate drawing, digital imaging and printmaking into most of my pieces.

    After college, I was lucky enough to be hired as a studio manager at Anderson Ranch Art Center. I was responsible for running the digital studio and acting as a teachers’ assistant for weekly workshops being taught in the photography department. I was able to work alongside a different amazing artist each week, and was encouraged to make my own work along the way.

    I still paint whenever possible, either in one of the many studios I’ve had across Brooklyn, or by traveling to an artist community for uninterrupted time. Occasionally, my practice involves rolling out large tarps to cover my kitchen floor. Most recently I’ve been doing purely digital work – drawing first on my iPad and then finishing pieces in Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Check out my Tumblr with in progress artwork here

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