The Fanbase Platform

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    The Fanbase Platform stemmed from the desire to solve a simple problem. Every day at Atlantic Records I would see digital marketing managers spend time managing and updating dozens of different sites with information about Atlantic’s artists. It occurred to me that our fans would have a similar problem when searching for their favorite artist – the need to look at dozens of sites to see the artist’s entire world.

    Fanbase began as a desktop aggregator for artists, and grew to be one of the most trafficked properties under the Warner Music umbrella. The Fanbase platform encompasses apps for desktop, mobile, social and prototypes for connected cars and TVs. It has been mentioned in articles by Wired, Billboard Magazine, Reuters, was featured on CNBC, won a Webby Award, won the NARM Business Innovation award and was both a Finalist and a Semi-Finalist for the Adobe Max awards. In 2009 Fanbase was listed as one of the top 100 music startups.

    Fanbase Desktop is a desktop application built using the Adobe AIR Platform can be downloaded from the Fanbase Website, the Adobe AIR Marketplace, or from one of several millions music CDs featuring the application. Fans who purchased CDs would be rewarded with a special unlocked version of Fanbase with exclusive content from the artist.

    Fanbase Social was deployed for 60+ artists as an app living on all major social networks including MySpace, Facebook and iMeem.

    Fanbase Mobile is deployed on Apple iOS devices, Android devices and over 100 Flash Lite enabled devices. This product was launched with artist Rob Thomas, at CTIA, during the Billboard keynote. Kevin Lynch, the CTO of Adobe, demoed Fan base Mobile and during the 2009 Adobe Max keynote.

    Fanbase TV is a protoype built for connected TVs and set top boxes. It was featured by Adobe during Max 2010 as part of their suite of connected home demos.

    Fanbase Car was a prototype built alongside the developers at QNX. The connected car was a partnership between QNX and Alcated-Lucent and traveled to conferences around the world.

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