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    My first forray into mobile design came almost seven years ago, designing WAP sites at Warner Music Group for direct to consumer ringtone sales. In fact, one of my interview questions my eventual WMG gig was about PDAs and Flash Lite (which was V1 at the time).

    The first mobile app I designed and built was a prototype mobile album experience for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was built in Flash Lite 2.1 and served as a precursor to many of the mobile apps produced years later for the iPhone.

    A few years later I designed and built another prototype application – a mobile port of Atlantic Record’s popular Fanbase Desktop application. That prototype was shown in the Adobe Max Keynote by Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch and garnered enough attention to get a full version of the app a production slot. In early 2009 Atlantic Records and AgencyNet launched the first version of Fanbase Mobile, with Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, during the Billboard keynote at CTIA. The launch was picked up by CNBC and the app went on to be a finalist for the 2009 Max awards. Rob Thomas also garnered the #3 spot on the top mobile artists list for Billboard Magazine later that year. Over the next year we added 15 additional artists into the app, launched an iOS version in late 2009 and an Android version in 2010.

    In addition to my mobile work for Atlantic and WMG I’ve designed mobile apps for Spike TV and MTV Networks.

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