Olympus Camera

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    Most designers run scared from clients who dangle the promise of multiple jobs if you can prove yourself be doing one under a tight time crunch. We usually bend over backwards to squeeze a design into an already packed schedule, under budget, never to hear from said client again. Olympus is not one of those clients.

    I’ve been lucky enough to work with Olympus Camera for several years, a relationship that has spanned five major launches. My first project was illustration/animation based, but I ended up designing and built several dynamic Flash applications for different business units within the organization.

    My most recent project for Olympus was UX, design and development of a Flash based framework for creating virtual camera tours. The camera could be rotated and zoomed in 3D space and had dozens of videos showing individual camera functions. The framework was complex enough to allow Olympus to add additional cameras, modules, and reskin the interface for their different camera lines without ever needing to touch the Flash code.

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