Web Design (2004-2009)

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    I discovered web design at my first job after college. It was the new millenuim, I worked at a small firm and someone needed to learn to design for the web. I was the youngest, which at that time was enough to make me the de facto web designer. I was handed a few books (there were only a few at that time) and took one class where I ended showing the teacher the proper way to embed Flash content into HTML.

    In actuality, I had designed my first website years earlier without ever formalizing the idea of design as profession. Like every web designer before or since me, I had built a site for my band.

    I now run a team of designers, developers and project managers and my relationship for design has changed. I’m still an individual contributor on large projects intended to scale past a single artist, and any project involving new technology or platforms, but most of my time now is spent leading my extremely talented team at Atlantic Records. Above is a collection of sites I designed before landing at Atlantic.

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