Thumblabs Joins the Mobile Team at Behance

Today was a big day for the Behance mobile team. Our long time partner Thumb Labs announced they will be joining us full time at Adobe. This will allow us to move forward even more quickly with our mobile roadmap, and will allow us to build better apps quicker for Behance members. Check out the […]


My Responsive Web Design Toolkit

I built my first responsive website nearly two years ago, and Responsive Web Design has matured immensely in that time. Every week there is a new tool, framework or design pattern pushing the field forward. In light of the daunting amount of information on the topic I put together my personal RWD toolkit. I’ll be […]


Using the Behance API for my Personal Portfolio

A few months back we released an API at Behance, and it’s pretty great. Since then we’ve had a Hackathon, tons of third party developers have signed up, and I’ve watched some great things being built. I’ve wanted to get my hands dirty for a while, and this is my first sketch. I used the […]


My Work Featued in the Adweek Talent Gallery

Last week Fanbase, one of the products I created while at Atlantic Records, was featured by Adweek in their talent gallery. The project is a few years old but was originally a suite of apps living on a user’s desktop, smartphone and as a social networking widget. We even launched prototypes running on a connected […]


A css audit of popular mobile websites

This is a simple audit of css sizing and spacing for key elements on a few popular mobile websites. I looked at Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Ebay and Amazon. While the values for almost everything vary across the sites there were a few consistencies.


Common questions about how my website was built

I receive a few emails every month asking how I built this website, or a specific piece of functionality on this site. Here is a list (which I plan on updating regularly) with the most common questions.


My issues with Cloudflare and Ajax

I want to start this post out by saying I love Coudflare. I think the democratization of IT is the future and Couldflare is positioned to be a huge part of the movement. That said, I’ve been having some issues with Cloudflare and ajax and I’m not the only one. This website uses ajax to […]


Acquia, Enterprise Gardens and WMG – Announcing our new OpenSaas artist website platform

Yesterday was a big day for Warner Music Group. Or rather, the public acknowledgment of big days that have been happening for months now. We announced a deal with Acquia to power our new artist website platform and are entering an exciting new stage of growth for our web properties. But more on that in […]


Reviewing Shadow – A great new mobile website debugger from Adobe

Shadow is a new beta product from Adobe that aims to simplify the testing of mobile websites on iOS and Android devices. Shadow broadcasts a website from the Chrome desktop browser to Android or iOS enabling realtime debugging on the device.


WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without

The only place I like top 10 lists are in books. I always feel obligated to add substandard items just to hit a number. So here is my first ever top 6 list – a list of my favorite WordPress Plugins. I use the plugins on every WordPress website I build, and they add timesaving […]

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